Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hector Aleem has been acquitted from two more cases


Hector Aleem chairman Peace Worldwide has been acquitted from two cases on this hearing. Thanks to all of you. It was your help, love and financial support that led us to another victory. I hope three other cases will also be finished by the grace of our Lord Almighty.

please keep praying for us and keep donating, now its very little to go :)

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Next Hearing is on 26th May

Dear Friends,

The next hearing will be on 26th May, 2012, the lawyer says that this is the last stage of all five cases of Hector Aleem. He also says that Hector Aleem will be acquitted (released) from all cases because the complainants are not showing interest and are not appearing before the court for the proceeding. But he also said that Hector Aleem will not be acquitted (released) like that, there has to be a very final argument before the court and it does not matter if the applicants appear before the court or not. The lawyer is again asking for his fee for the final arguments, you have all helped us a lot before that and we have come down from many cases to just five cases which will be finished very soon. OR may be we have to go to the High Court for the bail so, it is a request to all of you to please contribute whatever you can to support Hector Aleem who is a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan whose only crime was that he spoke for the freedom of religion. If you believe in freedom of religion, then please support Hector Aleem. And those who cannot, please tell your friends and family members about the case and tell them to help us as much as possible.
Any kind of help will be appreciated.
For donations through Pay Pal here’s the link http://tinyurl.com/hectoraleem
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its been three years

Hector Aleem was arrested on 22 January 2009, its been 3 years since his arrest. Please keep him in your prayers and do not forget him. Thank you everyone for all your support !

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hector Aleem's Update 7 December 2011

Greetings friends

The next hearing of Chairman Peace Worldwide Mr. Hector Aleem is 10 December. You may remember that Hector was given seven years of punishment last December without any proof and statement of an Investigation officer or any document. The judge didn’t give the written copy of that decision because the decision was baseless and he didn’t have any reason to write in the decision, he gave the decision because of his grudge towards Hector. As a year has passed and we appealed the higher authorities to reverse the decision, finally the decision has reversed. Now fresh arguments will start on 10 December. The lawyer is doing a good job and we want our father out of the jail as soon as possible. You people have helped us these years and now the whole thing is at the end. I request you guys to help us and donate $30 to $50 and those who can donate more please donate more because we want to celebrate this Christmas with our father. This could work as fast as we want, the only hurdle is money. So please donate as much as you can.
You can also send Hector Christmas cards and letters to him. He should know that there is a family and there are people who care for him.
To send cards or letters this is the address:

Hector Aleem
Circle 04
Adiyala Jail

And those who can donate through Pay Pal here’s the link:http://tinyurl.com/hectoraleem

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hector's Message on Tolerance Day

In 1996, the UN General Assembly (by resolution 51/95) invited UN Member States to observe the International Day for Tolerance on 16 November, with activities directed towards both educational establishments and the wider public.

This action followed on the United Nations Year for Tolerance, 1995, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 at the initiative of UNESCO, as outlined in the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and Follow-up Plan of Action for the Year.
The 2005 World Summit Outcome document (A/RES/60/1) furthered the commitment of Heads of State and Government to advance human welfare, freedom and progress everywhere, as well as to encourage tolerance, respect, dialogue and cooperation among different cultures, civilizations and peoples. 

This day is very important because there is intolerance everywhere. Almost every human being on this planet is carrying intolerance in his/her mind and that intolerance often takes the form of violence and other hate crimes. This day is not observed much like other international Observance days because people are not tolerant to anything they don’t like.

There are two main reasons why people are intolerant to each other i.e. “Religion” and “Race”. We must all understand that we are same human beings no matter what our color of skin is. Racial intolerance was the reason behind World War 2 which destroyed the lives of millions around the globe.

Religious intolerance on the other hand is growing even more than racial intolerance. Almost every country on this planet is in the grip of religious intolerance. There are religious extremist organizations which are responsible for many terrorist attacks across the planet. There is no religion which teaches any person to hate. There is one common message in all religions which is “love”.

So it’s better to put the differences aside and look what is common in us. We are all same and are equal to each other no matter what our race, culture, religion or language is. We must understand that we are human beings and we must tolerate each other in order to live with peace and harmony. Tolerance is the one which separates human beings from animals. There is no tolerance in animals, but we are different and we can tolerate each other.

As we all face the complex and global challenges of our times, Peace Worldwide will continue to work for the mutual understanding among people and countries. Tolerate each other, not only for yourselves but for your coming generations.

Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update About Hector Aleem (18th August 2011)

Dear friends

It has been a long time since I wrote you. I have not updated you about the recent situation of Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide because there are summer vacations of all courts in Pakistan and the month of Ramzan has also started. Working timings during these days are 8 to 12 and people barely do any work during these timings. The courts will open after 15 September.

Dear friends three months have passed since Hector’s acquittal from the blasphemy case but the lawyer is waiting for the fees for these cases. As you know that my father has been trapped in all these non bail able cases only to keep him in the jail. I have now decided to run another donation campaign for the rest of the cases. I want you guys to donate at least $20 each; those who are able to pay more can pay more. We will be highly obliged. Your help has led us to the acquittal of blasphemy case and now we are hoping for your help. We need $2000. I am not asking anything for us, I am requesting for my father because he is in jail for three years and we cannot collect that much amount for the lawyer’s fee.

To donate

And any of you who are willing to pay through western union can contact me in the admin list of the group.


Mehwish Aleem

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hector Aleem Update (13th August 2011)

Dear Friends,

Hector Aleem is still in jail and he is not released yet because there were other cases lodged on him while he was still in jail to prevent him from getting out. Now the Courts are closed due to summer vacations. The judge and lawyers are not present at the court. It is requested to please keep Hector Aleem in your prayers and continue to support him. 

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