Monday, August 25, 2014

Hector Aleem always protected minorities in Pakistan

Mr. Hector Aleem head of Peace Worldwide, had always protected minorities especially Christians and churches in Pakistan. Qamar Abdullah a government official tried to rape a Christian woman and tortured her brutally. As Qamar Abdullah was a government official, the government protected him and ignored the rape case against him and started to file many cases against Mr. Hector Aleem, destroyed the houses of victim and eye witnesses and started propaganda against Mr. Hector Aleem. These are the tactics of government of Pakistan to ignore the real issue and promote false cases and start propaganda against the victims and activists and hire traitors for the propaganda to show the world, international organisations and embassies that the victim is not a victim actually but a culprit. 
There are false stories about the church that it was built illegally on an illegal land but the church was legal and the church issue was real and these pictures and all letters are the proof of Hector Aleem's peaceful struggle. Peace Worldwide administration have decided to upload and publish all letters and photographs of church and other human rights issues. 

Photographs of Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide

Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide with his workers

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hector Aleem shares his personal experience in jail


I am sharing some important facts of Adiala Prison which is the model jail of Pakistan and is famous for its civilized condition, if this is the condition of civilized prison than you can imagine the condition of other prisons of Pakistan. This is only what I have seen during four years of my illegal detention for false accusations, what happened to me will be written in my next article.

Superintendent and deputy superintendent of Jail gathered all the Christian prisoners and in no uncertain terms ordered them to refrain from any religious activities including prayer sessions. The Christian prisoners, some of them having under graduate - post graduate academic qualifications were assigned janitorial duties simply because they were Christians. Those resisting such orders were warned of harsh punishment in the form of routine beating, torture and other inhumane acts if they did not toe the line. Those Christian prisoners that disobey such orders are beaten till they succumb to their injuries, The Above mentioned officials of Adiala Jail conveniently labeling such death in custody as‘Suicides’. In the absence of post mortem, how can it be determined whether the prisoner died a natural or injury inflicted death. Simply they ordered Christians to perform the dirty duty like toilet washing and gutter cleaning due to their faith.

Other Christian prisoners who are in fear cooperate with these officials by doing janitorial duties are not provided adequate safety equipment. The concept of gloves and proper footwear is alien to our comprehension. Such prisoners develop various skin related diseases eventually succumbing to their injuries without any compensation from the authorities.

The penal system was introduced by the civilized world to rehabilitate those who committed crimes. Prisons serve as a useful deterrent to crime as well as confining hardened criminals for extended periods of time thereby ensuring non repetition of crimes as well as ensuring the safety of law abiding citizens.

Undoubtedly criminals who do the crime must do the time; it is the period of detention as well as the quality of life of prisoners that differs worldwide. In developed nations, prisons are well managed by professionals who respect the fundamental rights of each prisoner. Prisoners are human being and have to be properly cared for during the entire period of their incarceration. First and foremost it is vital that prisoners are adequately fed and clothed. Religious freedom and visitation rights must be respected. If prisoners show keen interest in pursuing further education, the authorities must oblige. A reformed prisoner will be better able to re-adjust into society after serving his time. In developing countries however, prisons are misused for a variety of purposes. Innocent people are falsely accused by politicians, bureaucrats and law enforcement agencies of crimes they did not commit. It is such gross human rights violations that we like to highlight. The prison in question this time is not Abu Gharib orGuantanamo but our own Adiala Prison.

Adiala prison is located in Rawalpindi. It was originally designed to house inmates but now has more than five times that number. Cramped quarters, unhygienic living conditions, unpalatable food, inadequate healthcare facilities, absence of educational inducement, denial of religious freedom, routine torture, regular gang rape and sodomy both by wardens and hardened criminals, denial of visitation rights, confiscation of gifts and food from well-wishers are

Adiala has seen many wardens over the decades. Interestingly enough each new warden brazenly flouts the law more than his predecessor. Either the government has a special training camp where senior law enforcement officials receive training on how to excel in human rights violations or these wardens are chosen from a huge list of renowned sadists. According to my experience, even President and Prime Minister of Pakistan ignore any complaints against atrocious conditions in Adiala and prefer to ignore any plea. It seems the more complains direr the situation gets. Perhaps it’s the governments’ way of reminding that they are not prepared to except any criticism of their head handed tactics.     

Christian prisoners who dare to air their grievances to the concerned authorities or for that matter human rights organizations or NGO’s face severe punishment from wardens who simply cannot tolerate whistle blowers. Just who do these prisoners turn to, to redress their grievances? Knowing the docile characteristics of Christians, wardens deliberately inflict more inhumane punishment on Christians simply to satisfy their ego as well as earn promotion for a job well done.

The Pakistan government and Pakistani electronic and print media is quick to point out the harsh treatment to prisoners in far away places like Abu Gharib or Guantanamo but prefer to close both eyes at the atrocities that occur in prisons within their own domain. The government fails to take into account that prisoners serving time in Abu Gharib or Guantanamo are war criminals or terrorists who have committed crimes against humanity and are meted out exemplary punishment, but the Christian prisoners here in Pakistan are neither terrorist nor war criminals and have never committed crimes against humanity in the name of religion or for that matter any other warped ideology. Christian prisoners are largely in prisons for minor crimes. Moreover these Christian prisoners are Pakistani citizens and deserve equal treatment as enshrined in the Constitution.

Access to prisoners to conduct proper investigation into their allegations is rare to say the least. The prison authorities will prevent outsiders from mingling with prisoners, least their deceptive and atrocious behavior will surface. Peace Worldwide want an immediate reinstatement of religious worship and regular prayer for Christians. Moreover all janitorial duties must be equally shared by all prisoners irrespective of their religious background. After all Muslim prisoners (who are in larger numbers in Adiala prison) are equally responsible for creating an unhygienic environment, so they are just as responsible for the clean up process.

Also, an access to hospital should be given to all those Christian prisoners who have suffered injuries due to the barbaric acts of prison authorities. We would also like to see all Christian prisoners provided proper healthcare facilities and are not subjected to further physical torture. An independent body should be created to oversee any human rights violations that occur in prisons all overPakistan. Prison Wardens and other officials must either be suspended or removed from service when they are found guilty of human rights violations. These same officials must serve time in the very prison they committed these violations. International organisations should be allowed to meet regularly with all prisoners especially Christian prisoners, to better understand first-hand the situation that currently exists in Adiala Prison.  Though it is difficult for them to let these organisations visit and point out the human rights violation in the prison but if somehow any international organisation visits, they make them visit the dummy places which are free of violation and any inhumane activity and give them EVERYTHING IS OKAY report.

Enough is enough. Christians are fed up with the discriminatory, despicable and unwarranted behavior of the Pakistani government, the law enforcement agencies as well as the Muslim masses of Pakistan. Up until now Christians have been quiet on all fronts preferring to maintain the status quo but such inaction has further deteriorated the basic rights of all Christians in Pakistan.

Pakistan now enjoys a front seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Exposing their dirty laundry on the international forum will certainly infuriate their politicians and will only further confirm Pakistan status as a nation of ‘Hypocrites’. We warn government of Pakistan to correct them and follow the right path and do what is written in the jail manual and what they show to the international organisations.

Is Pakistan prepared to live with such demeaning expletive? Will ‘Enlightened Moderation’ be further strengthened or weakened by continuous human rights violations that occur regularly in Pakistan. The time has come for the Pakistani Government as well as the people of Pakistan to embrace ‘One Nation – One People’ culture which is far more difficult for both the government of Pakistan, ISI and other agencies to digest. Christians will not any longer tolerate erosion in their birth rights and demand equal status as Citizens of Pakistan. Peace Worldwide want religious freedom for Christians of Pakistan and the right to practice their religion without continuous interference from Islamists and Government of Pakistan. We also want appropriate punishment for Muslims for similar crimes that Christians unnecessarily are incarcerated for. The socio-economic picture should register an overall improvement benefiting all Pakistani citizens, not just Muslims.

We strongly urge the Government of Pakistan as well as International Human Rights organizations to help improvePakistan’s poor human rights record. Religious extremism and racial vilification must be uprooted immediately. Senior government officials must refrain from personal prejudices while discharging their duties. Pakistan has very bad reputation. Christians would like to cooperate with the government and the people in improving the socio-economic situation, but more effort from government of Pakistan is required to achieve this objective.

Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hector Aleem submitted an application to Senior Superintendent of Police

Mr. Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide submitted an application to senior superintendent of police against the people who destroyed and burnt the Church. Among the people who destroyed and burnt the Church were CDA officials who were under the command of Captain Faiz. After destroying and burning the Church, they arrested and tortured innocent Christian worshipers, disrespected Holy Bible, Holy Cross and Hymn books. It is to be noted that if a person accuses a Christian of burning a Koran (that may not have to be true) whole Christian villages and enclaves are burnt and destroyed by Pakistani Muslims but when they destroyed and burnt the Church, disrespected Holy Bibles and Holy Cross then no one even filed a case against the culprits. The application given below is a proof of their hypocrisy.
Hector Aleem took an action and personally submitted an application to the senior superintendent of police on 26th August, 2008. But the Senior Superintendent of Police did not take any action against the culprits instead many false cases were filed against Hector Aleem. Government started a propaganda that it was merely a land dispute. To save these officers, Hector Aleem's family, home and offices were destroyed. A false blasphemy case was also filed against him and he had to spend 4 years in prison during which he had to face worst type of torture.
The translation of the application is whats described above. The pictures of the Church after its burning and destruction including the pictures of innocent Christian worshipers who were tortured are also attached. Pakistan is the worst country for religious minorities.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hector Aleem demands discriminatory laws to be repelled

Mr. Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide has been struggling against discriminatory laws in Pakistan since 1996 due to which he has been facing torture, assassinations and false cases by extremists and Government of Pakistan.
Please see the attached newspaper cutting and photographs


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hector Aleem was punished for saving the Church

A Church was destroyed and Christian worshipers were brutally tortured by the Capital Development Authority with the help of Federal Police in the area of Chak Shahzad Islamabad. Christians approached Hector Aleem (Human Rights Activist) for help. Aleem then started a peaceful struggle for the Church and to save the lives of innocent Christian worshipers who were arrested without any charge. CDA and Federal Government did not like this, the letters they wrote were just a formality. Action was not taken against the culprits who were involved in demolishing the Church. The officials who destroyed the Church were very influential and were supported by Sunni Tehreek which is a terrorist organization. To save those officials, Government of Pakistan filed a false blasphemy case against Mr. Hector Aleem. Other false cases were also filed against him so that he cannot raise his voice for Christians again. He spent 4 years in prison during which he was tortured in worst way possible. Prison officials told him to convert to Islam but he never left His Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah  

The letters below are the evidence of our struggle for the Church and for the poor innocent Christians who were oppressed by the tyrants of Pakistani Government.

Hector Aleem discussing the issues of minorities with Farook H. Naek

Mr Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide discussed the difficulties faced by minorities of Pakistan with Federal Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights Mr. Farook H. Naek.