Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Appeal against Hector Aleem by Deputy Prosecutor General - Punjab

Mr. Hector Aleem Chairman Peace Worldwide was in jail due to a false blasphemy case and while he was suffering in prison some people and Pakistani organizations tried to defame him without any kind of evidence. When Hector Aleem was arrested, at the very beginning of the trial in January 2009, they started a propaganda that the charges of blasphemy are dropped but the truth is nothing like that ever happened. Blasphemy charges were only dropped in the final decision of the case. To support Muslim Fundamentalists and extremists, the Government of Punjab filed an appeal against the decision of Hector Aleem’s acquittal on government expenses, because they were against his work of human rights, religious freedom and rebuilding of Church. We remind you that no organization hired any lawyer for Mr. Hector Aleem. The only lawyer who was defending his case was Mr. Mir Muhammad Ghufran Khurshid Imtiazi Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan. This lawyer was hired by his own family. This appeal is under process in Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench which means the blasphemy charges are still not dropped.

The decision given by the session judge of the trial court and the appeal against this decision are attached for your information.

This is the Decision:

Decision Copy of Hector Aleem

Decision copy of Hector Aleem

Decision copy of Hector Aleem

This is the Appeal:

Appeal against Hector Aleem

Appeal against Hector Aleem

Appeal against Hector Aleem

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christian Students and Islamic Studies: Hector Aleem

Over the centuries people from different cultures & regions have always given more importance to the prevalent religion in that particular region at that particular time.
Christianity which has its roots in the Middle-East and South Asia was peacefully preached & practiced in Europe while Islam which too has its origins in the Middle-East found a permanent foothold in Asia & Africa. To openly claim that ones religion is superior to the other is in itself an act of blasphemy. 

Muslims live in North America, Europe, Australia and other non-Muslim countries, but never have the education system in these countries ever tried to impose an alien religious subject on their children, nor have the Muslim children ever been brainwashed into believing that their religion is inferior to those of other religions.  As a matter of fact all children in non-muslim countries are taught the importance of national unity, patriotism, love for humanity & economic development of their respective countries.

In Pakistan, since the last 67 years special emphasis is given to Islamayat (Islamic studies) in all educational institutions from primary to under-graduate level.  Diverse subject such as Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and even language subjects such as Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi have Islamic concoction in them.  Alternative subjects such as Civics & Ethics are given little or no importance and even in these subjects, 75% teaching of Islam is present. This is well and okay if all the students in Pakistan come from Islamic backgrounds – What happens to children from Christian backgrounds? What alternative subjects are taught to them that do not include Islam? I am afraid the answer to the above two questions is not positively reassuring.

Islamic Studies is taught to Christian children from Kindergarten level and when these children reach the upper primary level, they are reasonably brainwashed by then into believing that Islam is the only superior religion and that their belief in Christ or Christianity is wrong-the Holy Bible unlike the Holy Quran has been amended and due to this fact it is no longer accurate and an inferior religion.  Teachers also coax these Christian children (05 years old and above) to renounce Christianity & embrace Islam to redeem themselves from sin and promises of a place in paradise.  Our Christian children when at home pose serious & misinterpreted questions to their parents about the activities that took place in their respective school and begin to question their faith creating an atmosphere or uncertainty, alienation & inferiority complex which later in life causes entrenched doubts about their religious convictions and even a switch to Islam, based on the earlier misinterpreted version imparted by their Islamic Studies teachers. It is no secret that these Islamic Studies teachers are in fact aggressively promoting Islam with the tacit approval of their respective educational hierarchy, which is turn are taking their instructions from the Government. Is this approach correct?

Let’s take another example.  There was a hue & cry in France about the issue of Muslim female students not allowed to wear the scarf while in School.  The Government of France made it amply clear that all students in France must follow rules & regulations and that the dress code did not include religious insignia or restrictions.  The point is that Muslim prefers to adhere to their religious values in non-muslim countries but force Islamic value to non-Muslims in their own countries. Why the double standard? Can Pakistani Government justifiably prove that Islam is in fact more superior to other religion? Pakistani print and electronic media always claim that the Holy Quran explicitly forbids Muslims from discriminating against other religions. Why then the unnecessary discrimination? Pakistani Government boast about the rising number of converts to Islam but in reality, other religions are not allowed to flourish, instead other religions are demonized here. Pakistani government never provides a level playing field and usually resorts to unethical & provocative methods to inflict physiological torture on Christians. 

Religion can never be forced onto others, Christians in Pakistan are guaranteed religious freedom both by the Constitution of Pakistan as well as the United Nations (Pakistan is a veteran member of the United Nations) but this guarantee only exists on paper – the reverse is actually applicable.

To compound problems Islamic studies is taught in the Arabic language – once again an alien and irrelevant language both for Muslim & Christian students alike, whom face extreme difficulty in comprehending this language.  Then there are a few schools that teach Civics or Ethics instead of Islamic Studies but it becomes difficult for children whom are studying these particular subjects to successfully pass their examinations.  This is another hand twisting methods adopted by the educators into compelling students from opting out of Civics/Ethics in favor of Islamic Studies. 

Interestingly enough Christian students, who complete Islamic Studies examinations, are given good grades, even though they may not have made a serious attempt to pass.

I strongly urge the Government of Pakistan both at Federal & Provincial level to cease teaching Islamic Studies to Christians; instead appoint teachers from Christian background to teach Holy Bible to Christian students.   This will improve the unemployment situation for the Christians, create an atmosphere of tolerance & brotherhood and will give Christians a sense of security- sorely missing in Pakistan.

Pakistani Christians applaud the Government into allowing Aga Khan Board to be established; similarly I recommend that a Christian Board too be created to facilitate children from Christian background.  
Forcibly eradicating other religious values & beliefs will only create an atmosphere of distrust, contempt, intolerance, discrimination & loss of self-esteem, a situation currently in existence in Pakistan.  Wake up Government of Pakistan before it is too late.

written by
Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide   

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stand with Pakistani Christian Refugees - Hector Aleem

The dilemma for Christians in Pakistan is that they are very peaceful but the government and agencies of the country are hell bent on exterminating them. Despite being loyal to Pakistan, Christians have to flee the country and live a life of refugee in difficult countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. After being shamefully defeated by India, Pakistani army focused all its attention to the vulnerable Christians of Pakistan. Believe it or not, Pakistan through its agencies is busy in spreading Talibanisation and Islamisation all over the world. Its time for the whole world to stand with Pakistani Christian refugees who are scattered in different parts of the world.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hector Aleem writes about hidden agenda of ISI

Pakistan convened a grand conference of mainstream political parties to evolve consensus on national security policy and discuss proposal for talks with Taliban insurgents but what is the real agenda behind this conference? Agenda of the meeting was to bring peace and harmony in Pakistan and get rid of extremism and terrorism.

The resolution also states that “The Federal Government should consider the possibility of taking the drone issue to the United Nation as drone attacks are a violation of International Law. They also declared that we shall ourselves determine the means and mode of fighting this war in our national interest and shall not be guided by the United States of America or any other country in this regard” but the hidden agenda of ISI is to stop drone attacks and to have a complete hold on Afghanistan through Talibans.

ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and Pakistani politicians have a history of supporting and encouraging Talibans and other terrorist organizations. For example Khalid Khwaja an ISI officer in 1988 said in an interview to Asia Times Online that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met Al Qaida Chief Osama Bin Laden thrice in Saudi Arabia. As per Khalid Khwaja’s Statement, he also stated “I joined my former Director General of ISI Gen Hameed Gull and played a role in forming the then Islamic Democratic Alliance consisting of the Pakistan Muslim League and the Jamaat-e-Islami.

Pakistan has been supporting Talibans and terrorism through ISI. The Generals and Chiefs of ISI are in constant connection with terrorists. The real agenda behind this conference is to empower and protect Talibans and to promote Talibanisation and Islamisation through Parliament of Pakistan, the statement of Khalid Khwaja and involvement of Nawaz Sharif in pro Taliban activities are examples of mind-sets of Pakistanis.

Other Politicians don’t need any introduction, e.g. Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and Maulana Sami Ul Haq are proud of recruiting Talibans in Pakistan. Hundreds of people including these politicians have performed Osama Bin Laden’s funeral prayers. They still address Osama Bin Laden as a Martyr.  Statements of Imran Khan and his Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) that all sanitation jobs should be given to the Christians shows their hate for Christians in Pakistan. Chief Minister of KPK Pervez Khatak further mentioned “the reason for this decision is because Muslims are holy and superior nation and Christians are untouchables and hateful Minority, that is why Muslims cannot do sanitation jobs and Christians on the other hand who are untouchables are perfect for that kind of job.” During a debate on budget in National Assembly, a parliament member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Mr. Mujahid Ali Khan, demanded for the release of Mumtaz Qadri (the man who gunned down Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer just because he was supporting Asia Bibi who is facing death penalty in Jail due to a false blasphemy case). These are the prominent examples of Imran Khan’s hate for Christians and his discriminatory and pro-Taliban mind-set. Imran Khan is in fact a reincarnation of Osama Bin Laden or Osama Bin Laden in disguise.

About the mind sets; let’s have a look at another example, few days back, intelligence personnel of Pakistan arrested a student of Punjab University; who was found to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and eight more students have been arrested on the information provided by the detained. This is another example of Taliban mind set of a normal student studying in a university. Mullah Baradar who is a high commander of Taliban is soon going to be released by the Government of Pakistan. Talibans are continuing their activities in Pakistan. Shahid Ullah Shahid, spokesman of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement Pakistan) welcomes the joint decision of All Party Conference which supported and agreed on dialogues with Taliban.

Pakistan is a country which is hungry for power since its inception. It wants to be the leader or the super power of South Asian region. Unfortunately, it’s the only Muslim nuclear power in the world and this makes it even famish for power. APC is Government of Pakistan’s step to strengthen Taliban and generate its power in the region.

89% Pakistanis support Talibans but the Government of Pakistan is afraid of international community that is why they are creating the drama of dialogue with Talibans but in reality, they are giving them license to kill which will impose Talibanisation in Pakistan and will make it a complete terrorist and Taliban state.


This article was written by Hector Aleem in 2013 when the government of Nawaz Sharif (the ruling prime minister of Pakistan) held an All Party Conference by inviting all political parties of Pakistan for dialogues with Taliban. This proves that 89% population of Pakistan is pro-Taliban, that ISI promotes Islamisation and Talibanisation and guides all parties and encourages them to support Taliban. In other words, ISI is ruling all over Pakistan.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Views of Hector Aleem about SP. Singha

During the British rule of India, British Government sent Sir. Stafford Cripps (head of Cripps Mission) to India with his delegation. In that plan India was offered with a plan of independence.
Punjab Province was the biggest province of India, in the East of that Province Hindus and Sikhs were in majority so according to the plan that part was to be annexed with present day India. In the western part of Punjab, Muslims were in majority so that part was to be given to Pakistan. And from Lahore City to River Jehelum (present day Punjab, Pakistan) Christians were in majority, so according to the plan this part of Punjab province was to be given to Christians so that they can create their own separate Christian Country.
Punjab Assembly at that time voted on the plan, some members of the assembly supported going with India and some members supported with going to Pakistan. There were also Christian members of Punjab Assembly and at that time the speaker of the Punjab assembly was also a Christian whose name was SP.Singha. SP.Singha supported Pakistan and he also made other Christian members of Punjab Assembly to vote for Pakistan. So the Christian part of Punjab was also annexed with Pakistan due to the votes of SP.Singha and his other fellow Christian members of assembly.
At that time that was considered a vote for freedom but now after 67 years, Christians must decide….was it a vote for freedom or slavery? Implementing of Martial Law by dictator Ayub Khan 1958. Mrs.Singha left Pakistan and lived her life with her daughter in India.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Written by Hector Aleem "Christian Genocide in Pakistan"

In 1947, Christian leaders were influenced by the false promises of Quaid e Azam. SP Singha (the Christian leader) of that time voted for Pakistan, that vote was not for freedom, that vote was for slavery and bonded labor. 14 August 1947 is not the day of freedom for Christians, it is the day of slavery and bonded labor. Christians are already been tortured in Pakistan but other minorities like Hindus etc are also not spared. Pakistanis kidnap and forcibly marry the girls of minorities in Pakistan, the case of Rinkal Kumari is an example in this matter. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan also gave decision in the favor of kidnappers. What will happen to people when the Chief Justice of a Country is unjust?

Christianity is the largest minority in Pakistan but besides being the largest number of minority, they are also the largest number of persecuted nation in Pakistan. There are lots of examples of Christian persecution since the inception of Pakistan.

Today, Pakistani Christians are regularly jailed, persecuted and even sentenced in false blasphemy cases. Pakistani fundamentalists are cutting the necks of Christians like street dogs, raping and abducting Christian girls. Shame on recent parliamentarians like Tahir Khalil Sandhoo and Kamran Michael who are enjoying the ministry with the ruling government, if they care even a little about their nation they should resign immediately and start working for Christians.

The recent case of Shafqat Masih is the worst example of blasphemy cases lodged against Christians because his whole family is in custody of the police and they have been shifted far away from their home city. This is the same case in which I was trapped and had to spend four years in prison for this offence. No Christian is such fool to send a blasphemous message to any Muslim cleric especially when they know the consequences, also, every Christian parent teaches their children not to involve their selves in any anti-Islamic activity.

There are no organizations especially Christian NGOs who are helping these victims of blasphemy instead they depends upon the local NGOs who do nothing but provides false news to the international media, normally all these organizations are the agents of the government of Pakistan who provides news according to the guidance of the Government of Pakistan.

Peace Worldwide condemns the misuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan because it is creating hate and inferiority complex in the minds of Pakistani Christians, the government, the secret agencies and courts are silent when several innocent Christians are facing persecution due to blasphemy law.

Pakistan should stop genocide of Christians of Pakistan. Or else a time will come when Christians of Pakistan will consider Pakistan their enemy and will rebel against it because same concept of two nation theory applies here.

Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide